New Parts Washing Cabinet Spray Washer Model WA-S

New Parts Washing Cabinet Spray Washer Model WA-S

New Parts Washing Cabinet Spray Washer Model WA-S

New Model WA-S Parts Washing Cabinet. BUILT FROM START TO FINISH IN THE U.

This is not a shell that has been imported and had. Sticker applied to the cabinet.

We start with a flat sheet. Build your washer from the ground up.

We have been designing and building parts washing cabinets since 1992. Our most popular washer is the WA-S model which has unfortunately been copied by our competitors and imported from China (Red Cabinets).

We are here to serve you before and after the sale. We custom build parts washers for our customers with larger capacities, larger pumps, higher and wider clearances, and custom turntables with holding racks and baskets. We also design and build automated parts washers with wash, rinse and dry cycles. 230v single phase (33 amps w/1HP pump - 36 amps w/2HP pump).

Simply load your parts into the turntable basket. Turn the wash timer to desired time. Parts are sprayed with 185ยบ F solution while the turntable rotates, ensuring a thorough cleaning.

Parts are clean and ready to be unloaded. Integrated Filter - Catches matter larger than 1/8 to prevent water pump damage. Oil Skimmer - Removes oil from the solution to greatly extend solution life. Door Design - Loading and unloading with a crane or forklift is easy because half of the turntable is exposed.

Heavy Duty Casters - Makes movement of the cabinet easier for draining. Each parts washer includes a. Part Hanging Tree -Startup charge of cleaner. We use only quality DAYTON Pumps and DAYTON Motors on our.

All parts are available from your local Grainger distributor. You may add any of the following upgrades to customize your parts washer to meet your needs. With this upgrade, your parts washer will be constructed using. This upgrade eliminates the wait time for the water to heat up.

This allows you to set the Parts Washer to automatically heat up and shut off. At a certain time so that when you come in to work it's ready to go and when you. Leave for the day it shuts itself off.

This upgrade will add an additional spray arm in the middle of the side spray bar to assist. This arm can be easily lifted out of the way when it.

We will gladly add nozzles, free of charge, if you want them. NOTE: We offer spray nozzles only because our.

Competition has led people to believe that. We DO NOT recommend them for horizontal pumps. Horizontal style pumps clean significantly better without. If you want them, we will add them.

Applications using vertical high pressure pumps are the only time. It makes sense use nozzles. This upgrade will replace the standard brush driven turntable with a. Turntable that is rotated using a heavy duty metal gear. This is only necessary if.

The primary use of the washer will be to clean heavier parts. If washing heavier parts then you might want to consider upgrading. Your washer with a 1000 Pound Turntable. Load capacity from 500 lbs to 1000 lbs.

This upgrade will add an additional basket for a total of two baskets making it possible to wash twice as many parts. This upgrade will also add a mid-spray bar designed to assist. In spraying both baskets so that no cleaning efficiency is lost. Note: The Mid-Spray Bar upgrade is included with this upgrade. 2 HP Water Pump Upgrade.

This will upgrade the water pump from the standard 1 HP to a 2 HP pump. The pump output will increase from 80 GPM to 145 GPM. This option will also increase the water pipe size. One charge of cleaner will last about one month depending on usage. We offer the cleaner in these two sizes.

This cleaner is a specially formulated blend designed for use with our parts washers. It is a low sudsing, high alkaline blend with anti-rust agents. This cleaner will not cause your. Parts to rust and is safe for use on aluminum. We now offer financing through Clearview Financial Inc. The item "New Parts Washing Cabinet Spray Washer Model WA-S" is in sale since Wednesday, May 13, 2015.

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New Parts Washing Cabinet Spray Washer Model WA-S